Joy is a short film. It explores the distresses of being an immigrant woman of color in Trump's America, juxtaposed against the social courteousness one always feels complied to present.   

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Director's Statement

When my visa application to establish myself as a female Brazilian filmmaker in the U.S. was derailed by the Trump administration, I sank to some of my lowest lows. While I anxiously awaited approval to finally begin working again, I experienced serious and expensive health issues, an emergency surgery, and a slow recovery, all without the security, stability, or insurance through employment because of my otherness. "Joy" is my cinematic expression of that harrowing experience as well as a way to emotionally process everything I had been through. I could not be more thankful for actress Joy Sunday's heartbreaking and raw performance in delivering something I had for a long time swallowed and hidden deep inside me. Through "Joy," I was able to offer my perspective as an immigrant Latina woman striving to work and live in the current American social climate - one where, unfortunately, xenophobia, sexism and racism seem to run rampant. But that doesn't mean we can't fight it.


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