Work Overview



By Lorena Lourenco and Laura Rodrigues


Yas Kween - the series


Directed by Lorena Lourenco and David Mandell

Produced by Lorena Lourenco, Peter Vogel, Lauren Schoneman and David Mandell

DP: Katie Eleneke

Starring: David Mandell, Joy Sunday, Jason DePuy, Casey Thiboaux, Danny Abrahms, Chase O’Donnell


Teatime poster.jpg

Teatime with Mr Patterson

Made in Collaboration with Blank Slate Pictures

Produced by: Lorena Lourenco, Peter Vogel, Brewster McCann and David Mandell

Written/Directed/Performed by: David Mandell

Cast: Ivy George, Emily Osment, Amber Coney

Director of Photography: Dakota Adney

Editor: Erik Vogt Nielsen

Music by: Drew Mikuska

Bead Relief Commercial

Made in collaboration with Bead Relief - a company that makes bracelets to raise funds and awarness for non-profits.

Director of Photography: Elizabeth Petersen. Producer: Liliana Granados. Music: Thiago Muller, Leo Bomeny. Concept, DP, co-producer, director, editor: Lorena.

Love In The Dark

A collaboration with the polish singer Anna Leonowicz.

DP: Elizabeth Petersen. Talent: Anna Leonowicz, Tsz Hm Fan. AD: Joy Sunday. Location: Bead Relief. Concept, producer, director, editor: Lorena. 



Self(hood) was an experimental doc which branched out of interviews in a conversational style with a diverse group of people from several different backgrounds. The documentary tries to answer the questions of who we are, what sets us apart from each other, but still what, despite all our differences, make us alike? In investigating the content and structure of these identities the documentary uncovers a few of the thin common threads in the concept of identity. Through this self exploration we begin to understand the social structure that supports all of us, helping us weave what we know as the fabric of self. 

Talent: Joy Sunday, Brewster McCann, Allison Tate-Cortese, Katie Barreira, Jarand Herdal.

Music: Thiago Muller, Leo Bomeny. 

Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor: Lorena Lourenco

Kamasi BTS - snippet

Lorena was invited to collaborate with the renowned Jazz phenomenon Kamasi Washington to shoot the behind the scenes of a song recording for one of his recently released albums. This is a preview of such footage. 

AC: Carly Stevens. DP, director, editor: Lorena.

Rio: 400 degrees - trailer

The following is a traileir preview of a political opinion piece on the politics of Brazil and specifically of Rio De Janeiro. Through an interview with Sílvio Tendler, the prominent Brazilian documentarist, interviews with Brazilian youth, and a collage of Brazilian culture and media outlets the short examines the intense current political climate of the country and specifically of the city of Rio.

Sound, AD: Bruna Tolomeli. DP, director, editor: Lorena.

In The Eye Of The Beholder

In this experimental film we played with earthly elements, textures and fashion. The following piece is a collaboration with the fashion designer Kiera Campaz and actress Caity Runger.

PD: Kiera Campaz. Talent Caity Runger. Music: Ross Knight. DP, director, editor: Lorena.

Carnaval, the identity of Rio

The following short doc tries to uncover the identity of the carnival in Rio and how does this view we have of Carnival helps build on the vision we have of the 'carioca' (which means people from Rio de Janeiro). Interviewees include: Jorge Luiz - Director of a Rio Samba Schools and carnival parades; Carolina Barcelos - Master in Language Culture and contemporaneity and an enthusiastic participant of carnival; Ary Cohen - Musician, Director of ARYthmetics of Samba and Giovanna Dealtry - specialist on Samba and Carnival.

Co-producer: Carolina Carvalho. AD: Isabela Cabral. Concept, producer, DP, director, editor: Lorena.


David Talks About Series

Still in the works the David Talks About Series is a comedic collaboration with Actor/Writer/Producer David Mandell. 

Actor: David Mandell.  DP, director and editor: Lorena.

David's Cooking Show

Still in the works the David Talks About Series is a comedic collaboration with Actor/Writer/Producer David Mandell. 

Actor: David Mandell.  DP, director and editor: Lorena.

Carpool Karaoke Audition Trailer

In collaboration with Actor/Writer/Producer David Mandell this is the trailer for David's much anticipated 5 hr long Live Carpool Karaoke Audition. 

Actor: David Mandell.  DP, director and editor: Lorena.

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